English 101 paper


General Writing

This is a story about Iona Grayson. A girl who was born in the United States of America and had a rich background. Iona was a happy girl who got everything whatever she wanted or asked for. He father was a famous industrialist and her mother was a socialite. Both of her parents excelled in their fields and had good reputation in the society. Being born in such a good family, Iona used to be the object of many people’s envy. She was lissome, beautiful, fair and smart girl who was good in her studies as well. Her parents loved her a lot and she too reciprocated the same. The society respected her father for he was a very noble citizen and he used to contribute to a lot of charities and her mother was very popular in her circle as she was a good-natured lady with a kind heart. Both of her parents kept Iona as a well-kept diamond and she was provided with the best of facilities at her home and school. Iona had everything. A good life, good parents, good friends and everything one can ask for. But one day everything changed.

Iona’s mother went to New York for a charity event and when she came back, he had a surprise for Iona. During her visit to a juvenile prison, Iona’s mother came across Xavier, an 18 year old who was serving his last days in the prison on account to juvenile violence. He had his home in Mexico but after his father’s death he had nowhere to go. There was something in his eyes that caught Mrs. Grayson’s attention. She decided to take the boy to her home. She had been witnessing the need of a sibling for Iona since long. The longing for a sibling was evident in Iona’s eyes. Her mother thought that it will be a good surprise for her. She consulted Iona’s father and adopted the guy. When she got back home, Iona was over the moon finding what surprise her mother had for her. Iona had finally found a true friend in Xavier. Xavi was a good boy who spoke less. His courteous manners won everyone’s heart. He was a silent boy who never spoke much. Iona used to shae every single thing with him and she was very happy to have a confidant in him. She never stopped thanking her parents for this nice gift they had given to her.

Being socially active people, Iona’s parents used to be out of the city most of the days and Iona and Xavier used to sit at home and enjoy the luxuries they had. Iona taught things to Xavier and Xavier was sharp enough to learn everything in one go. One fine day, Mr. Grayson had to leave town for a press conference for 2 days. Iona’s mother was already out for the week. Both the kids were safe at home. But destiny had something else planned for Iona. After a day of having friends at home, Iona was safely tucked in her blanket by her care-taker, Mrs. Ellena. The caretaker left after her day was over. Iona was sleeping soundly until she felt a hand crawling over her. It was Xavier. She got scared and pretended to sleep. But his hands did not stop exploring her. She finally decided to retaliate and pushed Xavier off her and ran to the kitchen. Xavier ran after her to catch hold of her but she was fast enough to get into the kitchen and close the door from inside. From the telephone inside her kitchen she was able to inform her father about the incident and he was there by morning. Iona spent her night locked in the kitchen. Her parents were shocked at the heinous act Xavier had done. They called the police too but Xavier had managed to escape after he found out that Iona had reported the crime. He took a lot of cash and valuables with him. Iona was shattered. It took her days to digest that this was real. She closed herself in her room and brooded for hours. Her parents were concerned. But one day, her father decided to talk to her. He gave her the courage to fight back. And the first demand that Iona kept in front of them was that she wanted to go to Mexico to find Xavi. Her parents were not supportive of the idea but after her constant pursuation, they agreed. Iona took her car and the necessities and left for a road trip to Mexico.

There were several moments when she thought of quitting but one thing stopped her. She wanted to ask Xavier…why!!! Why did he do to her after all that she and her family gave him? This question was eating her up from inside. She drove miles after miles, alone and thinking. The road trip was gradually becoming a part of her. Her parents kept tabs on her and she kept updating them about her well-being. The road trip continued with her strong determination of finding Xavier. But there was no sign of him.

On the evening of Christmas, she reached Durango. She decided to stay in a hotel named Hotel Gobernador. Her car had been having some issues during the recent drives. She thought of consulting a mechanic but since she had developed certain sense of hatred for the Mexican people, she was looking for a native American’ shop to help her with the car. She found none. Ultimately she had to surrender and she decided to call the reception guy to help her arrange a mechanic who could rectify the problem.

The mechanic came son. His name was Alejandro. He was the only one to come out and help on the cold holiday. He had a pained look on his face and Iona was not too helpful either. The guy seemed unhappy as he was disturbed in the middle of his party. Iona was feeling agitated as the guy didn’t seem to have enough of equipments even. She was not too hopeful of the problem being rectified. She noticed that the guy needed two wrenches of same size to clean the filter. And he did not have any. Fortunately she happened to have a good set of wrenches in the back of her car. She offered them to Alejandro. The guy went back to work with a lot of dedication after an hour of operation, he managed to clear out the filter and asked Iona to check the same. As soon as she was going to put her hands to check the gas leakage if any, the guys held her hand. Iona, who was already bitter from her last experience, slapped the guy hard across his face. Everyone was stunned. The guy then took out a handkeerchief from his pocket and gave it to her to check the filter as the filter was so cold it would have hurt her hand. Iona was ashamed of her action. She immediately understood and checked the filter. It was mended fine. By the time she turned to pay him the wages, he was already leaving. She ran after him and managed to catch him on time. She then apologised for her mistake. She then offered him the pair of wrenches. She had observed him being extremely elated to work with the smooth pair and after work he wiped and kept them back in the bag with great care. “Le guste?” She asked which meant if he liked them. He replied, “Si! Muy fina.” which meant yes, they are very fine. She then said ,” Un regalo!”. The guy took the gift and left happily, beaming with joy.

Iona was now smiling. She had found the actual her. She was able to understand that the community or country is not bad. Its the people who make it what it is. She now had a relieved frame of mind and the next call she made was to her father. “I am coming home Daddy” she said.